Innovation management

Innovation is a strong force for change that can be used to more quickly achieve business goals, increase competitiveness and strengthen staff's commitment to development and improvement work.

But how do you organize your innovation work, so that you make full use of the potential? How to create a strong innovation culture, strategy and processes for success?

Chalmers Industriteknik has many years of experience in supporting businesses in developing their innovation capacity through structured innovation management. Based on the ISO standard 56002 and in close collaboration with your organization, we help you with:

  • To get a clear picture of the current situation, ie how does your innovation work and your innovation management work today, what are its strengths and weaknesses and what are the reasons?
  • To develop an action plan with sub-goals and goals for improved innovation management and increased innovation capacity.
  • Training in innovation management for innovation leaders and line managers.
  • Coaching and support for developing and using innovation strategies and innovation tools.

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