Energy audits

1,100 Swedish undertakings are subject to the Swedish Energy Audits in Large Undertakings Act (Lagen om energikartläggning i stora företag - EKL). Chalmers Industriteknik offers certified consultancy.

For better energy efficiency

The aim of the Swedish Energy Audits Act is to improve energy efficiency in large undertakings. The term ‘large undertakings’ also includes non-profit undertakings, so public undertakings may also be subject to the Act.

Energy audits report the annual energy supply and how it is used in the undertaking. They also suggest cost-effective measures for enhancing energy efficiency.

We have long experience of energy efficiency enhancement in properties, the retail sector and industrial undertakings. We have a unique insight into how the process should be implemented, and our certified energy auditors offer services tailored to each undertaking. We also have certified energy experts who can help you with energy performance certificates.

Ingrid Nyström (CEO CIT Industriell Energi)

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