More efficient energy use is good for the environment and saves you money. If we are to achieve our shared sustainability targets and meet the challenges of climate change, we need to change the energy system.

Smarter energy use

New technologies, processes, energy sources and heating methods are being developed. But how do we know which investment will be most profitable and do the most good?
Our subsidiaries CIT Energy Management and CIT Industriell Energi have many years of practical experience and broad expertise in energy efficiency enhancement for buildings and industry. We combine detailed technical know-how with a general overview of the energy system.

With our customers, we create solutions that are energy-efficient, climate-smart and cost-effective.

Ingrid Nyström (CEO CIT Industriell Energi)

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Energy audits

1,100 Swedish undertakings are subject to the Swedish Energy Audits in Large Undertakings Act (Lagen om energikartläggning i stora företag - EKL). Chalmers Industriteknik offers certified consultancy.



By enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes, energy use and costs can be reduced, creating more environmentally friendly energy systems in both the long and short terms.


Indoor climate

Different indoor environments have different, sometimes very specific, requirements for heating, cooling and ventilation. Museums, pharmaceutical laboratories and special production plants have extremely strict indoor climate requirements. These requirements should…



Energy efficiency enhancement in buildings is usually good for the environment and reduces costs. However, it is important to carefully analyse the effect of measures on factors such as heating…

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