Environment & Quality

We work to create a better future. This means in part that our permanent goal is sustainable development. Another permanent goal is high quality in all of our supplies, and we help our clients achieve their environment and quality goals. We work in a structured fashion with constant improvements. The entire Group is certified according to ISO 14001 ( environment ) and ISO 9001 ( quality ).

Our environmental policy

The foundation Chalmers Industriteknik is a research and development organization with emphasis on innovation for a sustainable society.

  • The foundation’s mission is to, in collaboration with other actors and based on societal challenges and ongoing research, identify, initiate and run innovation projects with great potential to contribute to sustainable societal development.
  • We are experts in our specialist fields and possess broad knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues. In all applications, analyzes and projects in which we are involved, we consider the sustainability consequences of our proposals.
  • We aim to achieve solutions with a lower environmental impact than existing solutions. This naturally also applies to the environmental impact of our own operations.
  • We meet statutory requirements and other mandatory requirements and aim to exceed them in the solutions and proposals presented in projects.
  • We set environmental targets for our processes and monitor the outcome of our projects where there is the opportunity to learn and constantly improve our projects.

Our quality policy

  • We aim to work with our clients to draw up good plans for all projects.
  • We follow up on our projects and refine our methods to enable us to meet client requirements better.
  • We ensure that we always have the expertise required by our clients. We do this through training, internal exchange of experience and access to internal and external networks.
  • By focusing on applying research results, we help add value for both clients and society.
  • In all our work, we focus on meeting client requirements. As a minimum, this means compliance with laws and other requirements.
  • Via our quality work, we constantly develop our methods and set improvement targets to enhance the value we supply to clients.